Undergraduate Program

Research, Teaching and Advising Opportunities

Students in the HDFS major have several opportunities to develop leadership skills within the department while working closely with faculty, staff, graduate students, and fellow undergraduates. These relationships lead to rich mentoring, career and graduate program guidance, and professional networking and references. These courses can be applied to students’ overall graduation requirements as upper division elective credit or within students’ concentration areas, when applicable.

Research Assistantships (RA) (HDFS 498) can be completed for 1-3 credits per semester. Typically faculty prefer a two semester requirement. A 3.0 cumulative or major GPA is required. Other qualifications may be required by supervising faculty. RA experiences are valuable when preparing for graduate studies and to enhance what students are learning in the classroom through engagement in studies that involve individuals and families. Students should explore current research being conducted by HDFS faculty and contact them directly to discuss opportunities for involvement.

Teaching Assistantships (TA) (HDFS 484) can also be completed for 1-3 credits per semester. A 3.0 cumulative or GPA major is required and typically prior completion of the course, with a final grade of A, for which the student would like to TA is also required. Other qualifications may be required by supervising faculty. Faculty usually require that the TA is able to be present in the course to support in-class activities. Individuals seeking this Supervised College Teaching experience should first consider which courses they are eligible to TA for based on GPA, previous individual course grades, and class schedule for the upcoming term. Then they can contact the instructors of the courses to discuss TA opportunities.

Peer Advising (HDFS 497A) is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to explore academic advising and student affairs in higher education careers while gaining a full-year 6-credit experience. This role may also be of interest for anyone seeking a career in which they will work one-on-one with individuals, be involved in programming and training, and market programs to others through regular public interaction, social media promotion, classroom presentations, and information booths at large (university) events. Students interested in a two year experience may apply to return as a Senior Peer Advisor. Students interested in this option may contact the HDFS Undergraduate Advising Office.