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HDFS Major Online Degree Option

Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) offers a Bachelor of Science degree online in collaboration with CSU Online. The HDFS online courses are designed to be comparable to their parallel resident instruction courses in HDFS, providing a high quality university education. The online Bachelor of Science degree in HDFS carries the full accreditation of Colorado State University, and is indistinguishable on student transcripts from the on-campus version of the degree. To view the curriculum requirements, visit our degree page on the CSU Online site or the Curriculum Checksheet further down on this page. The course options available online beginning Fall 2016 for each concentration include:

Students can also pursue the Gerontology Interdisciplinary Minor and Early Childhood Director Qualifications online. Change to read: Please contact the CSU Online Student Support Team to get started.

All HDFS degree seeking students must complete the field placement requirement in their senior year. Students must actively participate in arranging their field placement with the assistance of the HDFS Distance Coordinator in the semesters leading up to their placement.

Click HERE for guidelines and deadlines for the Distance Field Placement.

  • Online courses are taken through Canvas
  • A Personal Computer or laptop (or unlimited access to one)
  • Internet connection: dial-up modem will work, high-speed connection (DSL, Broadband, etc.) is preferable
  • Internet browser to allow you to view the internet, such as: Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher; Netscape 6.2 or higher; AOL 7.0 or higher; Mozilla 1.5 or higher; Safari 1.2
  • Contact the CSU Online Student Support Team and request a preliminary Transfer Evaluation by calling (970) 492-2665. This step is recommended to occur as early as possible to give you an idea of how your courses may transfer and what you may need to take before applying for admission. CSU Online will help arrange a phone appointment for you with an HDFS Advisor to determine your progress with the degree and decide if you would like to apply. After completing these steps, you are ready to apply.
  • Be sure to select the online HDFS degree completion program as your major during the application process.
  • You may register for individual courses through CSU Online without being admitted to Colorado State University: click on this link and select your course(s) of interest. Be sure to check the prerequisites to make sure you have met the course requirements prior to registration and are not trying to register for courses restricted to majors only.

The HDFS degree is a great value

  • You can apply for financial aid by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form at the following website: www.fafsa.ed.gov
  • Note: CSU Online credit courses are not eligible for College Opportunity Fund (COF) funding. Credit earned through CSU Online courses will not be counted toward the 145 lifetime hour maximum for COF.
  • If you are a current on-campus student considering switching to the online program, be sure to contact Eileen Griego in Student Financial Services to find out how this may impact your financial aid at (970) 491-0973 or eileen.griego@colostate.edu.
  • To complete the degree program is will take at least three semesters due to course sequencing. Please refer to the HDFS Online Degree Curriculum Checksheet for more information regarding the HDFS Experiential Learning as well as the Statistics and Research course sequences. Aside from the required sequences, the timeline is up to you! There are no minimum or maximum credit requirements per semester for this program, although some scholarships may require you to take a minimum number of credits per semester. Most of our courses are offered three times per year, in traditional Fall (16 week), Spring (16 week), and Summer (4 or 8 week) semesters.

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  • When you become a student at CSU, you will be given an online identification name and password, which you will use to login to the Canvas course platform. You will see a list of your courses, and when you enter a course, a typical homepage looks like this:

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