Undergraduate Program

Gerontology Interdisciplinary Minor Practicum or Internship

The internship requirement of the Gerontology Interdisciplinary Minor (GIM) is an excellent opportunity for students to gain marketable experience and skills working directly with and supporting older adults, while further defining career goals. The experience must include 144 contact hours for a minimum of 3 credits. There are several ways students in the minor can complete this requirement.

Students in the HDFS major may complete the GIM internship through their HDFS 488 Field Placement as long as they are selecting a placement that is approved for the internship.

Students not in the HDFS major may have the opportunity to complete this requirement through a required practicum or internship for their major. Students should discuss this option with their GIM advisor.

Additionally, all GIM students whether in the HDFS major or not, have the opportunity to complete this requirement through the AHS 487 Internship in Human Services course, when taken for 3 credits. Students may select this option because they do not have another applicable practicum or internship available to them, or because they want to gain an additional experience working with older adults.