Undergraduate Program

Experiential Learning

Students in the HDFS major are provided with two significant opportunities for experiential learning. Students have the opportunity to complete a 90 hour practicum in a community agency as early as their sophomore year to gain exposure to, and experience in, the field of human development and family studies. The HDFS 286 Practicum course can be completed as an elective or as a class within their concentration area, if applicable. Additionally, all HDFS majors are required to complete a 200-320 hour internship in their senior year through the HDFS 488 Field Placement course. The internship is a more intensive experiential learning opportunity offered for variable credit; the specific number of credit and volunteer hours will be determined with the student's academic advisor.

Additionally, there are several other Experiential Opportunities, through which students can explore careers, diversify their experience, enhance their resumes, and work closely with HDFS faculty, staff, graduate students and peers while earning credit towards their degree.

Practicum / Internship Opportunities

Other Experiential Opportunities