Undergraduate Program

State of Colorado Early Childhood Director Qualifications

Take your passion for working with children and natural leadership abilities to the next level with our human development and family studies Director Qualifications coursework. To become a director of a childcare center in Colorado, you will need to obtain early childhood Director Qualifications. The state of Colorado provides the Director Qualification certification upon completion of certain courses and hands-on experience with children.

CSU offers this coursework (courses offered both on campus and online) to meet the state requirements, and prepare you to pursue Director Qualifications upon graduation.

The following is the list of courses you will need to take if you wish to apply for this early childhood education credential:

  • EDUC 275 – Schooling in the United States (3 cr.)
  • HDFS 217 – Creative Experiences for Children (3 cr.)
  • HDFS 286 – Practicum at the Early Childhood Center (3 cr.)
  • HDFS 402 – Couple and Family Studies (3 cr.)
  • HDFS 310 – Infant and Child Development in Context (3 cr.)
  • HDFS 318 – Infancy and Toddlerhood (3 cr.)
  • HDFS 317 – Special Needs in Early Childhood (3 cr.)
    OR PSY 460 – Child Exceptionality and Psychopathology (3 cr.)
  • HDFS 410 - Socioemotional Development in Early Childhood
  • HDFS 439 – Administration of Early Childhood Programs (3 cr.)
  • HDFS 445/FSHN 445 – Early Childhood Health, Safety & Nutrition (3 cr.)

For more information on early childhood Director Qualifications in the state of Colorado, including requirements and application procedures, please visit the Colorado Department of Human Services Division of Child Care website. For more information about obtaining coursework through CSU, please view our handout. If you will be seeking employment outside of Colorado, please check your state requirements for obtaining Director Qualifications.