Campus Connections

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Campus Connections is an exciting 12 week program, one evening per week from 4:00pm to 8:00pm, which offers one-on-one mentoring for youth in need of a constructive and supportive community, referred by schools, family, friends, and other community partners. Each youth will be paired with a Colorado State University undergraduate student mentor who works closely with graduate students and faculty members.

Campus Connections is committed to provide a positive, safe, comfortable place to develop meaningful mentor relationships and encouraging pro-social behavior encouraging pro-social behavior and providing alternatives to less constructive habits. Campus Connections program focuses on individualized academic and career support to establish future goals and help youth work towards achieving those goals. Mentors work with youth to familiarize them to the college atmosphere and vast opportunities college provides with weekly walks around campus. Through art projects, cooking classes, sports, dance, yoga, and more, our goal is to equip youth with niches, hobbies, and skills which prepare them to give back to the community, while growing in personal confidence.

If you have any more questions please visit the Campus Connections FAQ page or contact the Campus Connections Case Manager at 970-988-9811

General expectations:

  1. Please arrive on time by 4:00pm to Gifford 145 and arrange for pick up by 8:00pm.
  2. Please bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes for walking (we’ll be going outside).

Behavior expectations:

  1. Behave respectfully.
  2. Have appropriate physical boundaries with mentors as well as other mentees
  3. Leave all cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs behind (including paraphernalia). This is a sober environment.
  4. Express feelings appropriately.
  5. Follow mentor instructions the first time asked.
  6. Dress appropriately.
  7. No contact with mentors outside of Campus Connections during the 12 week session.
  8. No use of cell phones or IPODs during Campus Connections.
  9. No friends allowed at Campus Connections.
  10. Bring school work or GED prep assignments each night.